My mission is to successfully and comfortably help loving and caring mothers through the birthing process. I will be serving families in Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois.

I offer two prenatal visits to discuss pregnancy concerns, answer questions, discuss birth plans, and goals for labor and delivery. I offer personalized childbirth education to supplement your childbirth classes or “refresher” information for families who have given birth previously. Full labor assistance for your hospital or home birth, including physical and emotional support, comfort techniques, and offering informed options for different laboring situations.  I also provide the family with photography during and after birth as the family chooses. Assistance is baby care and initial breastfeeding if mother is choosing to nurse. I provide my families with an original birth story at the postpartum visit.


  • Licensed Practical Nurse for 30+ years. OB Mother and Baby hospital experience for the past 22 years
  • Birth Doula training by Midwest Doula trainers in 2009; currently finishing paperwork for certification by DONA
  • Trained doula for HypnoBirthing
  • National Certification for Therapeutic Massage Therapy and Bodywork
  • WI State licensed Massage Therapist Certified in Pregnancy, Labor and Postpartum massage
  • Member of American Massage Therapy Association
  • Reiki Level 2 Practitioner
  • Child Passenger Safety Technician
  • Taught sibling preparation classes at local hospital from 1996-2006
  • Mother and Baby care preparation and car seat safety classes at local hospital from 1996-2008
  • CPR and Neonatal Resuscitation certified

Personal Notes: My husband and I have been married for over 30 years. I am a mother of 3 children whom were hospital born. I have successfully breastfeed all 3 children ranging in 3 months in length to 1 year.

I have always been drawn to new mothers and babies and the caring of them. That has been prevalent in my nursing career and has now expanded my desire to support the new family through the birthing process. Your goals are my goals!

The miracle of birth has always fascinated me. The empowering of the women giving birth and the bond between baby, mother, and partner continues to amaze me. Each birth I attend has left an undullable impression in my heart as well as in the memories of the families I doula for.

Benefits of a Doula:

Medical research has shown that the presence of a doula:

  • Reduces a women’s likelihood of having pain medication,
  • Increases her satisfaction with her birth,
  • And increases her chances for spontaneous birth,
  • Helps her feel better about her partner, her baby and her experience,
  • Helps fathers and partners interact more during labor and birth,
  • Is an extra pair of knowledgeable hands,
  • Is a resource for information about pregnancy, birth and parenting,
  • Stays with the laboring mother through her entire labor,
  • Works for the mother, not the care provider or the hospital,
  • Helps to create an environment where mothers and their families can labor comfortably and effectively,
  • Supports fathers and partners so they can concentrate on nurturing and caring,
  • Works in hospitals and homes,
  • Helps create positive birth memories.

Research has not found any downside to doulas.