Valli and Jason B. Stories

With the birth of my first child 13 years ago, I was 19 years old.  I didn’t have any experience with childbirth except for …


My experience with Sarah as our doula was not what I imagined. She was very supportive and helpful with everything we did. She was our teacher, friend, and advocate. She helped us release our fears by talking about them out loud and just letting them go. We talked about our fears one by one and one on one at one of our meetings with her. We went over many things such as what our birth plan should look like and what should be included within it as well. She also suggested books we should read. Sarah was there for our son's birth. I will never forget that day. I was beside my wife on one side and Sarah was on the other and we were both holding her hands, guiding her with her breathing. Sarah was there when I wasn't able to be and never left her side in the ending of the birth. It was so amazing that I even teared up. Sarah helped me and my wife's mom give our son his first bath. She kept saying to be gentle. Sarah also took his foot prints and little itty bitty hand prints too. Sarah was so awesome throughout the pregnancy and the birth of our son that I would have no one else but her as our doula, time and time again.

Austin C., Juda, WI