Valli and Jason B. Stories

With the birth of my first child 13 years ago, I was 19 years old.  I didn’t have any experience with childbirth except for …


Sarah helped us to have an amazing birth experience. Prior to our birth month, Sarah met with us to discuss our previous birth experience and our goals for this birth. She took the extra time to discuss our concerns, fears and expectations. At this time, she introduced us to hypnobirthing and the concept of guided imagery. Although I had little faith in this concept, Sarah’s deep confidence in the beauty and naturalness of labor inspired me and calmed many fears.

Sarah was awesome while I labored at home. My husband and Sarah worked together to support me, while our son (who was almost 2 at the time) sang “Happy Birth Day to Mommy” during contractions. As labor became more intense, Sarah massaged my back and legs during every contraction. She helped me to find the positions that were most comfortable—whether I was walking, standing against the counter, sitting on the toilet, or being supported in a squatting position. Thanks to her constant assistance, I enjoyed my last few hours at home before going to the hospital.

When we arrived to the hospital, I was in the transitional stage of labor. Sarah again helped me to find new comfortable positions. Thanks to her constant assistance and encouragement, I had no medications during my labor. Sarah was my rock during the very intense period before I could push and when I was pushing. When our daughter finally came out, it was amazing. Thanks to Sarah's help, she was able to breastfeed right away. My whole experience with Sarah as my doula was awesome. I know that I couldn't have done it without her amazing support.

Amanda, Jake, Lucas and Elizabeth V., Browntown, WI