Valli and Jason B. Stories

With the birth of my first child 13 years ago, I was 19 years old.  I didn’t have any experience with childbirth except for …


Having a doula made the birth of our first child an amazing experience. Sarah was my counselor, nurse, mother, friend, massage therapist and journalist all in one. She was there to answer all my questions, explain things when I didn’t understand, and make me as comfortable as possible. She made my husband comfortable and was able to make him understand what I was going through. I was able to go through almost 20 hours of labor “my way” without drugs when things became “urgent”. Sarah was there for me to help me understand what needed to be done. A very scary, dramatic experience became very tolerable. Sarah stood in for my husband in the Operating room when he didn’t think he could handle it. We wouldn’t have done it any other way. We have a perfect little girl who will forever have her “Aunt Sarah”. We will always hold a very special place in our hearts for her.

Dawn, Scott and Raygan G., Lena, IL